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Best Fishing Boats for Kawartha Lakes

With more than 130 picturesque lakes and 190 square KM's of water the Kawartha’s are among the best fresh water multi-species fishing areas in the world. Period. With clear water, rocky points, islands, weed lines and docks it’s easy to get creative with your fishing and find an untouched spot. 

If you've been fishing in the Kawartha Lakes or if it's something you wish to do in the future here's a quick guide of what species of fish to expect and what boats to use for the job. Always remember to use approved baits and equipment for fishing and follow the seasonal species fishing rules and regulations. 
Bass Fishing: Probably the most fished species in Kawartha Lakes, Small and largemouth bass are plentiful. In-Season, Bass tend to stay in shallow water, under lily-pads, docks and shorelines. As a fisherman, you'll want to go to spots like this to yield results. It's important to have a boat that'll be able to track in shallow waters yet stable enough to cast almost anywhere on the deck . With TRACKER boats Pro-Team line of boats you can chase your catch to within inches of water. The Mod-V hull on all TRACKER Pro-Team boats provides great stability at a low draft and is backed by TRACKER's Smooth Ride Guarantee

Of course when you're fishing in such shallow water, it's to be expected you may bump up against a rock or log periodically. That's why TRACKER Mod-V panfish & bass boat hull's are non-revetted, all-welded and high strength to with stand most impacts and hold it's integrity through years of boating, even on choppy waters. 
To get the most out of Bass fishing it's good to have helpful fishing features like a trolling motor, live-well's, rod holders, fish finders and bait storage. Allot of fishing boat builders will make you pay a-la-carte for features like this, so while the price of the boat is attractive it can increase dramatically by the time you get it optioned how you want it. Every TRACKER boat comes ready to fish, with Minn Kota Trolling motors, round-edged live wells, rod holders, fish finder and even a custom trailer.